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Saturday ~ A New Day

  CoCo-Chanel MorrisonThursday, July 31, 2008
I am CoCo-Chanel Morrison. I am a six-week old Chihuahua and I just got my new family tonight. Grandma picked me up at around 6pm and we went on this adventure... a long drive home. At first I thought she was mean because she said the word "no" to me when I tried to climb out of my box, but then I realized it was for my safety that she was doing it. So I resigned myself to the fact that my new life will have restrictions, but I can feel she loves me already. So I settled down and watched her as she drove. She'd continuously look over at me and tell me how beautiful I am!

When we got to my new home, Grandma put me in the lap of this big fella. At first he seemed a little grumpy, but then when I snuggled in, he melted. He is my Grandpa Bill! We spent the entire evening together 'cuz Grandma had to do something she called "month-end" and she took my Uncle Eric to Superstore for pee pads for me, and some groceries for himself. When they returned, Eric took me outside and I had a pee and a poop. Grandma & Eric went foolish and told me what a good little girl I was for doing my business outside. Eric is like a big puppy, he was playing chase with me and then he laid down in the grass and I was climbing all over his head and back. We had so much fun. She told me that Friday (whatever that is) she's going to take some videos(?) of me and send them to my new mom whom I have not met yet. I can't wait to meet her. Grandma says she is going to flip out when she sees me. I can't imagine anybody flipping out anymore than Grandma did over me.

When Eric took me back in the house, Grandma had my kennel all set up with a pee pad, my blanket and bones and my supper and a nice big bowl of fresh water. She gave me hugs and kisses and put me in and said "good night, CoCo." And then the room went dark. Oh my goodness, I felt so all alone. I started to cry, but it was like nobody could hear me. What happened to my life? I cried myself to sleep.
Friday, August 1, 2008
I woke up to the sound of dogs and people moving around, and my room was bright with sunlight.

The door opened and there was Grandma, taking me outside. We had a ball this morning. She took me out on the grass where I peed and pooped. And she told me what an exceptional girl I was not to have pooped in my kennel. I felt pretty good about myself when she said that. Then she took me for a long, long run. We went way up this path to this place she calls "the clearing" and then back to the house; we went to the backyard and I saw the great big dog that Grandma calls "Pepper" - he's really a horse. And the cats were a bit confused she told me, because I am so small they are not sure if I am a rat or a puppy. I dIdn't appreciate being compared to a rodent but I'll forgive her 'cuz she loves me.

I slept most of the day until Grandma & Uncle Eric returned home from work. They took me outside and let me run and I made a new friend today. His name is Hal and he is a cat. He is one of those cats that was confused as to what I am... he finally realized I am of canine persuasion and spit at me when I tried to bite his tail.

Grandma was really happy again 'cuz I didn't poop in my kennel. She was hoping I would do it outside and kept me out playing for about 45 minutes. She had this funny contraption and kept pointing it at me and Uncle Eric and laughing - she said something about making a video of me. Then she said she had things to do and gave me my supper of which I only ate a few bites... I mostly licked off the good stuff she mixed in with my food - she called it yogurt. Mmmmm it's good, and she said it's good for me. Keeps my natural flora balanced (whatever that means). We went back out for another run around. She kept telling me over and over to mess and pee, but I didn't need to. So after running around for another half hour, we finally came in and I looked forward to going to bed.
Saturday, August 2, 2008
This morning I woke up and it was still dark. I feel very strange. I am scared I will never see my mom, dad and 2 brothers again. I haven't seen them in a few days now, and I have a horrible feeling that we are separated forever. I miss them terribly.

Grandma tells me that where I am now is not where I am going to stay. That I am going to a new home and will have a new mom named "Jenn" and that I will love her. Grandma says that Jenn loves me already. How can she love me when she's never seen me? I guess I'll just have to wait and see. But for now, how do I get rid of this awful feeling that I've lost my real family?

There are two others just like me only bigger in this house of Grandma's. One kinda looks like my mom and dad with much longer hair and different colors - I'm told she's a long-haired Chihuahua. Then there's the huge dog - she's a doberman. I like her the best. She's got a very kind look in her eyes and she desperately wants Grandma to let her have me as her puppy. But Grams says she's way too big and she might accidentally hurt me. Sassy (the doberman) is allowed to lick me and nuzzle me when I am on Grandma's lap. ChaCha (the Chihuahua) is nuts. She goes around and around in circles and wants to play constantly. Again, Grandma thinks I might get hurt. I think she's a little overprotective. Anyway, I'm back in my kennel, after a long morning walk, to have my breakfast and nap.

Grandma & Uncle Eric disappeared this morning and didn't come back until after lunch. Grandpa took me out for awhile and then we sat and watched TV together. When Eric & Grams came home, she took me for a walk and went nuts on me again when I pooped outside. What's the big deal anyway - so I don't wanna do it in my kennel where I eat and sleep - is that so awfully weird?

After another run-around, Grams took me to see a lady named Shirley - our next-door neighbor. Shirley absolutely loved me. I guess because of my size, I am quite the novelty. Upon our return home, Eric snatched me out of Gram's lap and decided that he and I are going to take our afternoon nap together.

We woke up, Eric took me out for a pee and then I had to go back to my kennel. I am really starting to like it there. It's my own private space. Nobody bothers me and everthing in it is mine. One thing I noticed since my separation from my mom is that everything is so big. When I was always in the house, the floor was smooth or there was something they called carpet. Here, I go outside a lot and play with these humongous cats, the floor is full of little pebbles and there is this green stuff called grass and I get lost in it. This is where I do my pees and poops. Oh yea, I was a really good girl again and pooped outside. Grandma acts like a lunatic saying what a good little CoCo I am for doing my business outside. We played outside for a while, went for another long stroll up to that clearing and back to the kennel.

Eric and Grams went to get some food and when they came home, I got to hang out with the big kids. ChaCha and Sassy were up on the couch with Grandma and they took turns trying to play mom with me. Just as I got comfy, Eric came and snatched me away and took me on the chair with him to watch a movie. I am a lot like Grandma, when I lie down to watch TV I fall asleep! Eric dozed off too I think... when he woke up, he put me back in the kennel for the night. Now I'm off to dreamland. Sleep tight...
Sunday, August 3, 2008
Grandma called me the "perfect puppy" this morning. Apparently this is all because I peed on the pee sheet in the kennel, and once again I didn't poop in there. Uncle Eric took me out for a pee while Grams was still sleeping, and then once she got up and took the other dogs out, she took me out for my morning run. And ONCE AGAIN, she went absolutely nuts on me because I pooped outside as soon as we began our walk. Then she took me in and put me on Grandpa's lap where she gave me a bowl of this yogurt stuff, all by itself. Mmmmmmm it was awesome. She gave me me breakfast which consisted of only dog food... she tells me it's the highest quality on the market - called "INNOVA." She made this ungodly noise with a machine before she served me. My food was all crunched up in a "food processor" and much, much easier for me to eat. When she saw me attack my bowl, she called me a little piggie.

I had several walks today and this evening, Grams called my new mom and told her that "CoCo is an absolutely amazing puppy." All because I went outside and pooped again instead of doing it in my kennel. I had a nice, relaxing snooze with Grandma while she was watching TV with Eric and then I went to bed.

Monday, August 4, 2008
My life has become quite routine which is great for me because I know what to expect, and I am starting to know what is expected of me. I spent time with Grandpa today; he had the day off. We just chilled together and the usual - he took me for walks and praised me when I did my business outside. Eric and Grandma came home for supper and spent a little time with me before they did all their "chores" and went to bed. I feel secure.

Thursday, August 7, 2008
Well, it's almost the weekend again. Thank goodness, because then Grandma will be around. Every day seems the same, which is not a bad thing, but with Grandma, Grandpa & Uncle Eric working everyday, I am by myself and the time goes slowly.

It's great when they get home, 'cuz I get to go for a nice long run and stretch my little legs and drive Grams nuts when I do my business outside. She keeps telling everybody what an amazing little puppy I am. Makes me feel good when she says that, but I don't think I'm doing anything extraordinary. Three weeks from today I go to my new home with my new mom. I am a bit nervous because I never met her, but Grandma says she's just like her so I will love her too. She said that Jenni (mom) will take me on long walks to the park where I will meet things called "ducks." First, though, she has to find a halter that will fit me. She said I am so tiny that it is going to be really hard to fit me. I may have to get a kitten halter. She said we are going to go shopping Tuesday or Wednesday so I have a few things to look forward to now. I'm gonna miss Grandma when she leaves me behind with my new mom. But I'm gonna miss Grandpa even more because he spends the most time with me. He even figured out a way for me to run in the air! Grandma says she must take a video because mom will lose it when she sees it. One consolation though is that they will be back to visit us from time to time, and mom can take me back when she comes to visit.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008
Oh I've started an activity that is driving Grandma absolutely bonkers (mind you, she doesn't have far to go). When she takes me outside to do my business, I play with rocks. I pick 'em up in my mouth and run with them. She keeps telling me to "drop it," and I laugh, look at her and take off again. She told me this morning, "I'm gonna fix you little one." It will be interesting to see what plan she has to stop me with my new game!

Other than that, things are about the same. I'm into a routine, love my new "temporary" home and I am anticipating my trip to the mainland to join my mom. Grandma keeps reassuring me that I am going to love her and we will have a ball together. She tells me my mom will be dressing me up in pretty clothes and she'll take me shopping in my own personal shopping bag! This will be interesting. I have lots to look forward to.

Thursday, August 14, 2008
She said she was gonna "fix" me and boy did she fix me. She got me this contraption I heard her call a kitten harness. First of all, I am NOT a kitten! Then she starts in on how little I am again because even the kitten harness is too big for me. So she puts this horrid thing on me and then attaches it to a pretty pink thing called a leash. My freedom has been extinguished!!! I am so upset. Now I can't play my rock game, and I have to come when I am called. SHE says it's for my own safety when I move to the city. Apparently dogs (I am NOT a cat) are not permitted to have freedom in the city. I am upset. And I let her know it, big time. She told me I remind her of my mom with my whining. Hrumph, I am going to sequester myself in my kennel and not talk to anybody anymore. ... especially HER (Grandma).

Saturday, August 16, 2008
Grandma, Eric and I went for a long drive this morning. We went into this building where all the women went loco over me -- haha they went "loco over CoCo." They put me on this great big thing and tried to make me stay still to find out how heavy I am. Of course I wouldn't stay still... too much to investigate. Then other dogs came in... I heard them use the word "Vet" and Grandma explained that a "Vet" is an animal doctor. I got lots of jerky treats, and one of the girls put me in her pocket, calling me a pocket pet... I AM A DOG. Eric showed me a little hiding place in the desk. It was my own personal little cave.

I met Dr. Byron and he thought I was really cute. He said I was very well built and healthy. He stuck me with a pin that really hurt and then he took this contraption and started cutting my fingers and toes nails!!! The nerve of him. I did growl for all the good it did me. He and Grams laughed when I growled, so I decided to just shut up and let him do my nails. It wasn't really that bad. It was worth getting all the compliments.

After the Vet Visit, we went to Tim Horton's and the girls there went loco over me too... and they gave me a honey-dipped Timbit. I must be really cute because that's what everybody keeps telling me. Hmmmmmm. I wonder if I can use that to my advantage ...

We went to the "Exhibition" in the evening. Wow, I've never seen so many people in one place or heard as much noise. There were all kinds of animals (mostly horses from what I could see). Grandma had me meeting so many people and they all went crazy over me saying how cute I am. There were a few men who insisted on calling me a rat, which kind of insulted me, but I was having too much fun to dwell on their silly comments. Plus grandma assured me it is just my size that inspires those comments. It was really late by the time we got home and Grams put me to bed. I was totally beat and passed out as soon as I hit my blanket.

Sunday, August 17, 2008
Hung out with Grandpa for a few hours and then Grandma took me to her niece, Cathy's house where she had 3 other dogs. They are considered small dogs - a Pomeranian (Sasha), and 2 poodles - one toy (Jake) and one miniature (Ben). Jake didn't like me because his mom was paying attention to me and Grandma said he is jealous. Sasha and Ben were great - especially Ben because he really wanted to play with me. I had a great time and hope I go back to visit before my big move.

Sunday, August 24, 2008
My crazy grandma and Auntie Diane threw me into a swimming pool yesterday. What would they have done if I had drowned? What would she have told my mom-to-be? How would she explain it? Oh but I showed them... when they dumped me in that water, I just went swimmin' like I'd been a born athlete! I even heard Grandma tell Diane that I look like I could make the 2012 Olympics, whatever they are. After putting me in the great big swimming pool, they insisted on my coming out. The nerve. That was just a tease. Now I want to go swimming every day but we don't have a pool at gram's, just what she calls the "ocean." Then Diane & Lacie wanted McDonalds to help their "hangovers," and Diane shared hers with me... mmmmmm it was SO good. Grams gave me cheezies. I had a regular picnic today. Mom, Eric & Diane rode Pepper before supper - they had barbecued chicken and ribs. The girls took me out to the backyard and let me go crazy running. I had a ball today. Now it's bedtime; I am absolutely exhausted.

Monday, August 31, 2008
Well, I guess this is my last day with Grams for awhile. She, Eric, Diane and me took a reeeealllly long drive on Thursday. It was quite the adventure I must tell you, and lots of fun. Eric and I crammed in what some people call the "back seat" of the truck, and although I was extremely cumfy and cozy, poor uncle Eric was NOT! We stopped for pee breaks several times and I got lots of goodies to munch on from bites of hamburger to french fries, chips - oh my it was good. Grandma called me a savage around human food. We arrived at our destination at around 4 o'clock and started unloading the truck. Diane's stuff came off first. Then we went to Mom's place while she was still at work and got rid of what we took up from Cape Breton. Then we went to Grandma's bestest friend's house to meet my mom, eat and load up the truck with mom's clothes.

Man, I don't know where she's gonna put all her clothes. She's a clothes horse that mom of mine... hehehehe maybe she'll leave some around for me to make a little bed for myself!

So, we're all moved in. Our new home is great. I am the center of attention (right where I wanna be). To make a long story short, we went to Walmart - that was a trip... everybody was freaking out over the fact that I could fit in my mom's purse; auntie Diane's where I had some soup - she's a good cook, and then back to the apartment. On Sunday we went to see Philip & Dorothy. They have a dog there and he was really nice to me, but mom was worried because he was bigger than me so she kept us separated.

Monday morning, we all got up early, and Grandma, Eric and ChaCha said good bye. I'm gonna miss them. But I think life will be good here with mom.